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Laundry Services


  • Neatly fold and Professionally packaging.
  • Separation of dark/ white colors.
  • Usage of hypoallergenic, fragrance free detergents upon request.
  • Chlorine free Cold/Warm/Hot Wash. 
  • Dry with proper temperature and fabric softener. 
  • Hand wash and air dry delicate fabrics upon request (requires more process and delivery time 
  • Usage of hanger to hang fabrics by request (requires more process and delivery time)
  • Customers detergent can be used if a note is provided at the time of each drop off 

All Features customized to meet expected needs For Example:

Don't use softener, dry on low heat, use provided detergent ETC...

Pick/drop off at locations close or next to the dining services of each campus Mon-Sat. 

Semester Laundry Service Plans

 (Starting from the fist day of semester classes to the last day of semester classes according to the BC academic calendar)

All prices are for clothing. Additional charges for the following items:

  • Quilt/ Blanket $42
  • Duvet Covers $45-$48
  • Mattress Pad $45
  • Comforter $65

Terms & Conditions

Your Cleaners use the utmost care in the transportation and in overseeing the cleaning of garments and linens, but due to variations in materials, fabrics, and dyes used to manufacture these products, we require Customer's authorization before services can begin. In addition, Your Cleaners claim no responsibility for trimmings, buckles, beads, belts, and sequins. Your Cleaners also cannot guarantee against color loss, bleeding, and shrinkage, or damage due to weak and tender fabrics. In no event shall Your Cleaners be responsible for removal of stains. Your Cleaners assume no responsibility for clothing any time before pick-up or after delivery. Any clothing left by customer or by Your Cleaners to be recovered by the other party shall be the responsibility of Customer, and Customer hereby holds harmless Your Cleaners for any loss occurring before clothing enters or after clothing leaves Your Cleaners' possession. Any and all claims, including differences in count, must be reported, and receipt provided, within 48 hours of delivery. Unless a list accompanies the bundle, our count must be accepted. Your Cleaners liability with respect to any lost article shall not exceed 10 times our charge for processing it. It is illegal to share any of these plans with others, otherwise It would be reported to the school, membership will be cancelled, and no money would be refunded. We may request that you put your name on clothing to avoid misuse of the service. These fees will not be waived.